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These lessons are primarily sentence-by-sentence expositions of entire books of the Bible or particular biblical passages.

I view the Bible as the very Word of God and therefore inspired by Him and thus inerrant. It is of utmost importance that we approach Scripture with the greatest of care in interpreting it. One of the most important principles of Bible study is to follow the author’s train of thought. We call that developing the context of individual passages. When we do this, we can then understand the author’s intended meaning. That is called proper interpretation. Sentence-by-sentence exposition is the best way to accomplish accurate Bible interpretation and therefore proper interpretation. It is the best way to accurately understand what our Lord is communicating to us.

Available studies are listed in the drop-down menu under Exposition above.

Transcriptions of the studies are also being added, including outlines, slides and verses within the text. These are listed under the Exposition drop-down menu.

También las transcripciones de la Exposición de Romanos están siendo traducidas en ESPAÑOL, incluyendo bosquejos, diapositivas y versículos dentro del texto. Se encuentran en el menú caído de Romanos.


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